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They are the world’s favorite sex jobs: Find right right here World Intercourse has got to be one of the best of these “days” (usually made up by a p.r. person to sell a product) that I see on social media day. Clearly a lot better than the kind of “sandwich time” — although munching […]

Is spooning truly the position that is best for males with straight straight back discomfort? Research offers brand brand brand new strategies for guys with lower back pain, reports study in Spine September 10, 2014 – a report utilizing motion capture technology provides new informative data on the spinal stress made by different intimate positions–suggesting […]

Bondage Intercourse: Ropes, Ties, Positions, Blowjobs, Restraints and Anything Else You Must Know About Bondage Listed here are four bondage that is essential recommendations that you need to ALWAYS follow during bondage intercourse. 1. Set a safe term AND a gesture that is safe It does not make a difference just exactly just how safe […]